Pageworthy was started in 2005. It was known by a different name at the time but the beginnings were there. Neum Schmickrath was just getting into building simple websites to run Adsense ads on. Little did he know that he had stumbled on the beginnings of a new career as he was hired by Reminderband to be the SEO manager. After 4 months they were #1 for the term "custom silicone bracelets". About that time he was watching one of the early episodes of NCIS as he was working. The victim in the first section of this particular episode happened to be Paige Worthy. As soon as he heard it he loved the name and purchased the domain then and there. That's how Pageworthy got it's name.

Since then we've worked with companies large and small to build business value through smart search marketing. Contact us to get the ball rolling.