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Postgis Template in pgAdmin

Posted by: Neum in Postgres 5 years, 12 months ago

Messing with Postgis lately I found I really needed to be able to quickly create a database in pgAdmin III. Here is how I was able to do that. First, create a database in pgAdmin. Make sure you select the owner to be the same as the new databases. I named mine postgis-template.

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Postgres + Postgis on Mountain Lion

Posted by: Neum in Postgres 6 years ago

I'm working on a mapping application in Django and of course the logical thing to use here is GeoDjango. I'm also a fan of Postgres so I wanted to use Postgis for the database. Here is how I set it up on a Macbook pro running Mountain Lion. For this I'm going to use the earlier install of Homebrew.

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Git - Pack-objects Died With Strange Error

Posted by: Neum in git 6 years ago

I work with git every day. Its a great dvcs and my version control system of choice. Recently after working on a project the client needed to move to a different host with better support. After staging everything on the new server there were some changes involved so I created a new branch and then tried to push it to (which rocks btw).

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Simple Virtualenv Setup on MacOS

Posted by: Neum in Python 6 years, 1 month ago

Using my new Macbook Pro with retina display has been nothing but a joy but there are a few things a Django developer needs to be as efficient as possible. One of those is Virtualenv. Here is how to get it quickly setup and running on your new Mac.

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Rails Local Development Environment Setup on Mac

Posted by: Neum in Rails 6 years, 3 months ago

Now that I'm moving forward on my own projects I decided to give Ruby on Rails a chance. I'll be throwing aside my prejudices learned the last 5 years using Python and Django and learning Rails. Why now? Simple, I've got some e-commerce projects moving forward and I really like to look of Spree Commerce. I'm actually super excited to learn Rails! Its something I've been meaning to do for some time.

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