Be Trusted!

Reputation Management

Why is trust so important to your business?

From the beginning of business it’s been a basic premise that if you do a good job or have a great product people will tell other people, which then turns into even more business. People naturally trust someone who has had a personal experience with your business more than any advertising piece they might see, or your own word for that matter.

With the prevalence of online review websites such as Yelp or Yellowpages, online reviews have become a standard way to share word of mouth recommendations. Of course people still talk and share their recommendations but many now post about them online for the entire world to see. Which is great news if you have perfect customer service and everyone is always happy. But as you know, it’s impossible to please everyone.

There are some customers that will just refuse to be happy no matter what you do, and then warn people not to do business with you by posting a bad review. It’s been shown that potential customers who read a bad review online are very unlikely to become your customer.

Luckily, there are tactics and solutions to overcoming these bad reviews and actually use them to your business advantage.

We pride ourselves in being experts at delivering marketing messages to potential customers and a big part of that is making sure one or two bad reviews don’t tank your business. We’ve helped many businesses repair and build a stellar review profile that builds trust with new customers and helps close more sales.