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Search Engine Optimization

How can search engine optimization help your business?

Search engines, or in their earliest forms – directories, have been around since the beginning of the internet. They helped to organize and find the information that people were looking for. They are now the most convenient way to find just about anything. This creates a natural relationship between customers and businesses.

If you’re in Draper and you need a new roof for your house, most people would go to Google and search for the keyword “roofer in Draper” or some variation of it. Google then selects what it thinks is the most relevant result and shows you a list of various roofing companies in the area.

Our goal with your search engine marketing is simply to make your website the most relevant result. That means when someone searches for your service or product you’ll be among the first options they see. Creating more traffic, phone calls, sales and revenue for your business.

Because the person searching for these types of keywords is fulling intending to engage the service or buy the product they are searching for we call this intent based search. It creates a powerful position for the business as the expert in their industry or niche and these customers tend to be the easiest to please, because they have already bought into the idea in their mind.

We have over 14 years of experience optimizing websites to appear first in search results. We have many qualifications including being a Google Partner. If the fit is right we would love to work with you.

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